Nicole Maxwell

My name is Nicole Maxwell. I am a Double Diamond with It Works. I have been a part of the IW family for 4 years. 

Before IW, I was an Investment Broker turned Mom. That was the best decision I ever made. The second best was joining It Works. (Lol i guess my first was marrying my husband.) 

As a Mom, I found myself looking to do a few things on the side to have a little spending money for myself.  At one time; I was a part of 8 different Direct Sales companies. Yes that's right. 8. From jewelry to candles to makeup and jeans. (I did love the Jeans!) I loved to host parties, and I ended up buying enough product that the reps would suggest I just join their team. Lol so I did. 


But with all of those companies; I never thought about building a business. I had to load my car up with product after product and I had to compete with "stores". 


Then, one of my "Jeans" gals said "you can have the jeans. I am done. I found something that no one else has and you can't buy it in a store. You can only get it from an IW distributor!  And it's all about a Health and Wellness!! Who doesn't want to be healthy and well??" 

So I had her come over and wrap me. Before the 45 minutes were up; i Joined! I figured "What do I have to lose?" 

Well it was the best $99 I ever invested in myself. 

Originally I only joined to earn an extra $500 a month for a car payment. 

Well 4 years later, it has become my Passion!  

The Friendships I have made are amazing. 

Our CEO is amazing. Our compensation plan is amazing!! The list goes on. 

I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!  And yes! I quit all those other companies right after I realized I had something pretty awesome in my hands. #itreallydoeswork 💚

And this company has been life changing for us all! 



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